The day after the sectorball Hungarian team championship (NB1) matches, on March 10th, the Kassák Cup took place in Komárom. In the main categorz forty competitors took to the tables. The organizers formed eight groups, each consisting of five players, based on the rankings. The top two players from each group advanced to the round of 16, while the rest continued their competition in the lower bracket. In seven groups, the athlete with the highest ranking points finished at the top, with three of the second-highest ranked players also securing second place. Only in Group H was there a bit of an upset, as second-division player Takács Lajos, ranked 4th in the group, defied expectations and won the quintet, surpassing the group favorite, Koczor, who also advanced to the round of 16. The round of 16, reminiscent of a handball tournament, was conducted by dividing the players into new groups based on their results. Two top players from each of these groups advanced, taking their results with them. The four group winners moved on to the semifinals. There, Debreczy and Jr. Farkas both defeated their opponents with a 1-0 score, defeating Mártonfi and Bottyán, respectively. In the bronze medal match, Mártonfi emerged victorious with a score of 2-1, while in the final of this year’s Kassák Cup, Debreczy triumphed over Jr. Farkas with a score of 1-0. With the ranking points earned from the competition, Debreczy ascended to the top of the sectorball rankings for the first time, becoming only the fifth player to achieve this since 2012. The placings of the Kassák Cup are as follows:

1. István Debreczy – Vasi GE
2. Gábor Farkas jnr. – Vasi GE
3. István Mártonfi – Vasi GE

Second calls:
1. Bedecs Attila
2. Horváth Imre
3. Kondor Gábor

Third class:
1. Balla Antal
2. Szegedi András
3. Németh István Emánuel

Best Amateur:
Szabó Márton

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