István Mártonfi leading the Sectorball individual ranking table

2022 was an excelent year for ITFC. Many championships were organized accross the world and in October was held the World Championship as well. There were many championships which changed the ranking table. In December 2022 István Mártonfi became first time leader of the ranking table. Congratulations for this big achievement. István had a very powerfool year with the following key achievements:

  • Individual Sectorball World Championship 2nd place
  • Sectorball Club World Champion
  • Stckbreakers Cup winner
  • Hungarian National Sectorball individual Championship 2nd place
  • Hungarian National 12 Touch individual Championship 2nd place
  • Maros Cup 2nd place
  • Sopron Cup 2nd place
  • Fesztivál Cup 2nd place
  • Szili Balázs memorial 2nd place
  • Tőserdő Cup 2nd place
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