György Pákai Triumphs at the IV. Stickbreakers Cup in Csíkszereda

György Pákai emerged victorious at the IV. Stickbreakers Cup held in Miercurea Ciuc Romanai. The organizers once again excelled, providing a beautiful venue and excellent conditions for this prestigious tournament. Following the group stage battles, the competition moved into a knockout phase where the top players showcased their skills.

Pákai delivered an outstanding performance throughout the day, advancing to the final where he triumphed with a 1-0 victory over Károly Szathmáry, securing the first place.

Final Results:

  1. György Pákai
  2. Károly Szathmáry
  3. Farkas Gábor jr.

Congratulations to György Pákai for his impressive victory and to all participants for their remarkable performances.

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