Surprise Victory for István Marschal at the IV. Stickbreakers Cup

István Marschal emerged as the unexpected champion of the IV. Stickbreakers Cup in the 12-touch category, held this past weekend. The tournament, known for its competitive field, saw Marschal delivering an exceptional performance, securing victory in all but one match during the round-robin stage.

The competition brought together some of the finest players, each vying for the prestigious title. Marschal’s dominance was evident as he navigated through the matches with skill and determination, ultimately claiming the top spot on the podium.

The final standings saw Gábor Farkas Jr. of Vasi GE finishing in second place, demonstrating strong gameplay throughout the tournament. In third place was Nándor Kovács from DEAC-Debreceni ALC, rounding out the podium with a commendable performance.

Final Results:

  1. István Marschal – Stickbreakers
  2. Gábor Farkas Jr. – Vasi GE
  3. Nándor Kovács – DEAC-Debreceni ALC

The IV. Stickbreakers Cup once again showcased the high level of competition and sportsmanship in the 12-touch category. Marschal’s victory was a highlight, proving that persistence and skill can lead to unexpected and thrilling outcomes. Congratulations to István Marschal for his well-deserved win and to all the participants for their impressive performances.

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