Hungarian Sectorball Team Championship – 2nd round

The second round of this year’s Hungarian Team Championship – NB1 was held over the weekend in Gyöngyösfalu Hungary, offering a series of thrilling matches and unexpected results. DÖKE Komló managed to increase their lead by 1 point, securing the spring championship with an impressive 7-point lead heading into the autumn rounds.

Vasi GE solidified their position in second place on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, there is fierce competition for the third spot between Testvériség SE and Vác ALK, both fighting hard to climb the ranks.

Currently, Energofish Tirgu Mures and the second team of Hírös Kecskemét are in the relegation zone, facing a tough battle to avoid dropping out of the league.

The next round is scheduled for September in Szeged, promising even more excitement and competition as the season progresses.


1Döke Komló181413101-4343
2Vasi GE18113483-6136
3Vác ALK1885570-7429
4Testvériség SE I.1874770-7425
5Szeged ALK1873872-7224
6Hírös Kecskemét I.1873869-7524
7Kassák SE Komárom1873869-7524
8Testvériség SE II.1854970-7419
9Energofish Marosvásárhely18351059-8514
10Hírös Kecskemét II.18351057-8714

With such an exciting season unfolding, all eyes are on the upcoming rounds to see who will emerge victorious and who will face relegation. Stay tuned for more updates as the NB1 action continues!

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