On 25th of November 2023 the ITFC Congress was held online through google meet. The meeting was valid and official papers will be submitted soon to the Hungarian court.

Imre Horváth who founded and was the president of the Federation for 30 years resigned. Imre, we would like to say once again for all your great job for organizing 20+ international events (World Championships, European Championships, Champions Cup, World Cup media events, etc..).

After the congress accepted the overall report of the federation one of the key moments started. USA submitted a request to join the confederation. The application was accepted and voted by all the members. USA is a new member of ITFC!

The next voting was for a new president. István Mártonfi was selected as new president of ITFC. István was working hard in the past years and helping Imre in the background. István Mártonfi was voted by all the members.

Board members. There are 2 new members of the management. Adria Garriga (Spain) and Alessandro Lima (USA).

The new ITFC management is the following:

  • István Mártonfi (HUN)- President
  • Marcelo Lages (POR), Marcelo Coutinho (BRA), Lukács Viktor (HUN) – Vice Presidents
  • Halley Tanaka (JPN), Jorge Farah (BRA) , Valics Lehel (ROU), Adria Garriga (SPA), Alessandro Lima (USA)

Upcoming two years will be very busy. In 2024 South America and European Championship to be organized- South America championship will be in Chile. European Championship should be relocated because of an issue, the new location is not yet selected. Management is working in the background to find the right place for the Championship.

The upcoming World Championship 2025 applications will be open from Jan 2024. Management will decide on the exact venue in March 2024. USA, Romania, Portugal are in primary scope.

The ITFC management decided to put on hold the membership fee for the upcoming year. Management along with members will work out a new structure which will be applicable from 2025.

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