Romania is present on the ITFC International events from the beginnings.

Biggest achievements:

  • Sectorball Team World Champions – Debrecen 2015
  • Individual Sectorball World Champions (Istvan Martonfi -2004 and György Pákai 2007).

Players in WC 2022:

  • István Mártonfi (Sectorball, 12 Touch, Chapas)
  • Lehel Valics (Sectorball, 12 Touch, Chapas)
  • István Marschal (Sectorball, 12 Touch, Chapas)
  • István Incze (Sectorball, 12 Touch, Chapas)

The travelling team is sponsored by Energofish (T-shits, gifts) and Csikisőr (Chapas players).

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