Between July 15th and 16th the XI. Brazilian National Sectorball Championship was held at the Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas Training Center in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.
With a total of 32 competitors across 8 tables, including both familiar names and newcomers, the eagerly anticipated event offered unexpected surprises.

Individual Championship (Saturday)
All eyes were on the four-time individual champion Weber (Bangu), who aimed to secure his fifth title.
With a strong start and consistently improving performance in every round, it seemed like the Brazilian sectorball standout was heading towards yet another final. This prediction came true after an intense shootout against the two-time champion Lages (Vasco da Gama) in the semifinals.
Simultaneously, another two-time champion, Robson Marfa (Botafogo), faced off against the surprise contender, Gabriel Barbosa (Olaria), in the other semifinal, which ended with a victory for the Botafogo athlete. Thus, the stage was set for a rematch of the 2022 final! The similarities didn’t end there. Just as Weber won the championship in 2022 through nerve-wracking penalty shootouts after regular play ended in a draw, it was Robson’s turn this time. He triumphed in the same manner, securing his third individual championship title. In the battle for third place, Barbosa defeated Lages 2-0 in a match that could have easily been mistaken for a final.

After the amazin success on the World Championship 2022 (place 4 in sectorball individual comptetion) Robson Marfa show his skill level and became the Brazilian Champion!

Final results of the individual sectorball championship:

  1. Robson Marfa (Botafogo)
  2. Weber Gomes (Bangu)
  3. Gabriel Barbosa (Olaria)
  4. Marcelo Lages (Vasco da Gama)
  5. Paulão Costa (Vasco da Gama)
  6. Bolton (Olaria)
  7. Lauro Couto (Vasco da Gama)
  8. Halisson (Botafogo

Past winners of the Brazilian individual sectorball championship:
Weber Gomes – 4 times (2014, 2016, 2019, and 2022)
Robson Marfa – 3 times (2011, 2015, and 2023)
Marcelo Lages – 2 times (2012 and 2013)
Horácio Junior – 1 time (2017)
Abel Cêpa – 1 time (2018)

Team Competition (Sunday)
Following the individual championship, the following day saw the return of the table football players to compete in the Brazilian team championship. Bangu, Botafogo, Olaria, and Vasco da Gama faced off to determine the sectorball discipline’s champion for 2023. After a series of exciting matches, the teams entered the final round with the chance for any of them to claim victory. Bangu aimed to defend their championship against Olaria, while the seven-time champions Vasco da Gama triumphed over Botafogo, which boasted the fresh individual champion. In a surprising turn of events, Olaria’s debutant team clinched the title undefeated, securing their first championship. With this achievement, they became the fourth club in the sport’s history to claim the Brazilian championship title.

In October 2022, after the WC 2022, Olaria team invited the sectorball players to the club for an open training session to lear new tactics and get more insides of sectorball. The sectorball Top Master – Istvan Martonfi and the giant Istvan Marschal teached to all the players many tricks and tactical steps. Seems the training session open the box more towards sectorball game a the team achieved to be the Brazilian Champion in 2023.

Final results:
Champion: Olaria AC (Gabriel, Simonini, Paulo do Carmo, Márcio Bolton, Allan Shaolin, and Maciel)

2. Botafogo FR (Robson Marfa, Jorge, Halisson, and Marcos Moysés)
3. Vasco da Gama (Abel Cêpa, Paulão, Lages, and Lauro)
4. Bangu AC (Weber, Marcelo Coutinho, Luisinho, Ricardo, and Junior)

Past winners of the Brazilian sectorball team championship:
Vasco da Gama – 7 times (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017)
Portuguesa – 2 times (2018 and 2019)
Bangu – 1 time (2022)
Olaria – 1 time (2023)

In Conclusion:
The top contenders in the individual championship represented four different clubs, showcasing how the sport’s development is a result of the combined efforts of all clubs. Similarly, the club competition results indicated that a new club had entered the ranks of experienced ones, a development that bodes well for the sport. In conclusion, the true winner of the weekend was sectorball itself!

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