Last weekend (09-10.10.2021) the focus was on Romania where the Csikfalva Cup was organized. The championship was held in the Sport Hall of Vargata. More than 30 players from Romania and Hungary registered to the Championship. The following Clubs representatives were present: Energofish Marosvásárhely, Stick Brackers Csikszereda, Józsefváris SzE, Testvériség SE, DÖKE-Komló, Vasi Gombfoci Egyesület, Palotai Csokonai ALE, Újbuda.

During the two days everybody around 15-20 games were played by most of the players.
Final results in Individual category:
1. György Pákai
2. István Debreczy
3. Viktor Lukács
4. István Mártonfi

Final results in double category:
1. György Pákai – István Debreczy
2. Viktor Lukács – István Mártonfi
3. Ervin Varga – Zsolt Terjék

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