1. Negotiations are underway for the venue of this year’s Champions League final. We will soon provide you with the details.
  2. The Hungarian Sectorball team championship has started. Results are as follows: https://isbf.info/wp-admin/post.php?post=1745&action=edit
  3. The European Championship qualification for the 2024 event has begun in Hungary.
  4. Battles are also ongoing in Romania for the Romanian league and European Championship qualification.
  5. Porto and Târgu Mureș are both contenders for the 2024 European Championship venue. More information will be shared soon.
  6. There is also a lot of preparation in Barcelona as the Catalan government will soon recognize table football as a sport. Preparations are already underway for the big September competition.
  7. The season has started in Poland as well, and we will soon report on the latest competition.
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